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Weekend Wellness Warrior Challenge #1

Weekend's are optimal for some rest and relaxation, but you don't want to undo all of the hard work you have put in during the week by laying on the couch binge watching Netflix and stuffing yourself with junk food. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good Netflix session as much as anyone, but you need to find the right balance so that you don't spend the entire weekend pigging out and being sedentary.

I am a big fan of outdoor activities. The weather is pretty perfect right now around the country making it ideal for some fun in the sun. As a former New England resident, I know that there is no better time to go hiking than when fall foliage is at its peak. Living in Florida, the weather is finally starting to give us a reprieve from 100 degree days so taking a kayak out on the river is a perfect weekend venture.

Now, here is the fun part! In an effort to motivate you to do something physical AND fun this weekend, I'm throwing out a challenge to find the perfect Weekend Wellness Warrior!

Here's what you need to do:

1) Get some exercise this weekend by doing something fun! Hiking, biking, kayaking, dancing, yoga, 5k run - your options are limited only by your imagination.

2) Post a photo of yourself doing this activity on either Facebook or Instagram and TAG @wayoflifewellness plus use #weekendwellnesswarrior. Be sure to include a description about why you love doing that activity. *If you post on both social media sites, you will get 2 entries!*

3) Like our Facebook and/or Instagram page. Again, using both gets you TWO entries!

And that's it! The winner will be chosen and will have his/her photo featured on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram pages as a Weekend Wellness Warrior! Plus, the winner will receive a tin of our immuniTEA which helps boost your immune system (necessary this time of year as the weather gets colder).

Good luck and enjoy your weekend!

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