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Introduce friends to totaliTEA & earn host perks for yourself!

I remember, with distinct detail, the tea set I had as a little girl. I used to set up my stuffed animals as guests and raid my dress-up clothes for something fabulous enough for my party. As an adult, I now have a real tea set, but it sits in the cabinet collecting dust. Why? Because I rarely have an excuse to break it out - until now.

Now I can have real friends over for a totaliTEA party!

Our totaliTEA blends are so much more than just a delicious beverage. Our teas nourish your totality: mind, body, and soul.

Invite some friends over for tea and learn about the healing power of herbs as each tea is blended on the spot. Your friends will thank you for introducing them to our tea - and you'll earn free* stuff because of it! Having a totaliTEA party is simply a win-win.


Benefits of totaliTEA

Your party will have its own custom blend! Each herb in this blend will be explained to the guests so everyone can learn a little bit about how nature can heal us. We'll even brew up a pot for your guests to enjoy during the party!

Guests will have the opportunity to review our menu and place their orders. The best part is, they will be able to leave the party with their tea! There is no ordering and waiting like most home shopping parties.

With a background in nutritional therapy, we are able to help you develop a complementary cocktail-style menu for your party.

Additionally, you will be provided with invitations so that you can properly inform your guests about your totaliTEA party.

Host Rewards

For a qualifying party totaling:
$150: 10% Off Your Order
$200: 10% Off Your Order + Monthly Host Gift - Free
$250: All of the above + 2 Free Teas
$300: All of the above + 1 hour Reiki Healing Session
$350: All of the above + Detoxifying Ionic Foot Bath
$400+: Monthly Host Gift, 10% off Your Order, 2 Free Teas, & a Full Healing Session

In addition, when 5 guests purchase your party's custom blend, you'll receive that blend free!

Don't delay, call us today to book your totaliTEA party!

*With a qualifying party
**Monthly Host Gift is subject to change. Inquire for details.

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