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At Way of Life Wellness, we offer a series of complementary holistic services designed to heal the body, mind & soul and unlock the strength of self-healing. Isn’t it time you got back to feeling like yourself? You won’t believe the power of a truly holistic approach. Get in touch with us today and start your healing process.



If you are interested in the other in-person services, please use the contact form, as those may be offered on occasion. Also, use the contact form if you're interested in booking Kayla as the officiant for your wedding, vow renewal, or commitment ceremony.

Full Healing Session:

Includes 1 hour of Reiki, 30 mins of Intuitive Counseling, a Detoxifying Ionic Foot Bath, and a package of Chakra Tea (to be chosen by therapist post-session)  --- $155

Chakra Intensive (75 minutes) + Intuitive Counseling (15 minutes) --- $110

1 hour of Reiki Healing + 15 mins of Intuitive Counseling (75 minutes) --- $90

Energy Healing & Intuitive Reading (30 minutes of Reiki + 30 minute Reading) --- $110

In-Person Reading Only (30 minutes) --- $75

In-Person Reading Only (60 minutes) --- $140

*Contact us for information on Group Readings. Couples Readings are 60 minutes for $150.

Phone Readings (30 minutes) --- $65

Phone Readings (60 minutes) --- $125


Numerology Report --- $49


Appointments with Kayla are available at her home treatment room in

Jacksonville - Riverside area or via phone for distance readings

Consent Policy

  1. As a Medium, I am a messenger. I do not have any control over the spirits who choose to come through. Most clients come to me expecting to hear from a particular loved one who has crossed over, but sometimes that person's soul might not be ready or able to communicate. As a medium, I have to raise my vibration and spirit has to lower their vibration so we can meet in the middle. I have no control over who is able to - or not able to - do this.
    Understand that some spirits are better communicators than others. Your Great Aunt Sally might have a very strong presence, insistinent upon coming through first and staying awhile. Your brother, on the other hand, might be more shy and come through with a quick hello and then leave. Spirit is in charge here, not me.   

  2. I cannot make any guarantees on who will come through or for how long. I also do not get involved in the messages they have to deliver. I simply tell you what they are telling me. Note: this might not always be what you want to hear. I will not twist messages to fit the answer you want. So please don't shoot the messenger!

  3. I am not able to conjure up or summon spirit. If there is someone you are hoping to communicate with, I will do my best, but it might not always be possible. Please do not come to me for at least a month after someone passes. When people cross over, they have a lot of work to do on the other side and it is not always possible for them to come through right away. If there is someone you really want to contact, please pray before arriving that they will come through. This doesn't always work, but it certainly doesn't hurt!

  4. It is okay to validate what I am telling you. Please don't ask me to prove the existence of those on the other side; you know your loved ones - I don't. All I can tell you is what I am seeing, hearing, feeling, etc... If you recognize or relate with what I am saying, let me know. It'll make for a better reading if you are engaged. Don't tell me too much though - let spirit do the work; a simple "yes" or "no" will suffice.

  5. You are free to record your session or take notes if you so choose. I actually encourage you to do so. Often a spirit will come through with a message that you do not recognize or understand, but I promise, it will click eventually.  Sometimes you will need to ask other family members to get validation on what came through and having the notes or recording to refer to in order to remember the message will help. 

  6. Legally, I must advise you that readings "are for entertainment purposes only." 

  7. Please do not come to me for any services if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you do, I reserve the right to refuse to work with you and still charge for the booked time slot.

    By booking an appointment it is assumed that you have read this consent policy and you agree to its terms. I am grateful that you have chosen to work with me and I am honored to have the opportunity to help you on your healing journey.

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